Introductory groups

Introductory courses of the path of touch and Tantric massage will lead you to the awareness of you as an energy being.

You will learn how to give a massage - how to be in the present moment, attuned to your partner, and still aware of your own energy process. You will learn at the same time to receive  a massage - to use breath, relaxing the physical body and  more and more expanding into your energy body. So that the massage dosn´t touch you only physically but is also energy experience that can lead to an expanded state consciousness.

The introductory workshop will expand your sense of your erotic self, helping you discover and develop new erogenous zones and to enjoy erotic and orgasmic pleasure with the whole body. Its designed for couples who wish to explore their  erotic and energetic potential.


Tantra massage courses:

Year 2019:

The Art of Tantra Massage: Professional Training (Block 4)

04.03.-08.03.2019 One off workshop