The Art of Tantra Massage: a professional training.



Days 1 -4: Sensitive, conscious and sacred touch.

What makes a massage tantric?

It needs not only a sensually pleasing setting, but more importantly an attitude: of respect, of honouring; to work with energy and consciousness, to touch the spirit through the body.

We create an experience in which the body is the temple of the spirit, discovering and honouring the god in each man, the goddess within each woman. We manifest spirit on earth through the physical body experiencing itself as a vehicle for the energy body. Tantra massage works with the energy body and is an initiation into our nature as energy beings, divine beings of fire and light. This initiation or revelation is the true purpose of our sexual energy, the longing to merge with something bigger and more beautiful than our egos.

We will explore the different dimensions of massage:

  • Relaxation
  • Fitness
  • Healing the past/therapeutic massage
  • Energy flow and balance
  • Sensuality
  • Arousal
  • Liberation
  • Entering altered states of consciousness

We will explore these different qualities and develop the ability to shift gear and dance appropriately between them.



Creating the setting

  • Creating the atmosphere
  • Décor
  • Use of ritual
  • The comfort and safety of the client
  • Creating clear contracts for client and practitioner alike, boundaries.
  • Communicating a clear intent
  • The presence, awareness and consciousness of the masseur.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication during the massage.

Conscious touch

  • Surface and deep tissue touch
  • When to use oil
  • Stroking, pinching, scratching, percussion.
  • Use of fingertips, knuckles, elbows, breath, hair.
  • Use of tools: silk, fur, feathers, leather, herbs, milk, hot oil, hot and cold compresses and stones, aromas and essential oils.
  • Preparing the body: exit massage, energy cleansing and de-stresssing.
  • Touching with the quality of innocence.
  • Touch to sensitize the body.
  • Using the breath to receive.
  • Relaxing into the energy, non-doing, coming out of the mind into the body.
  • Dropping expectations, needs, desires, and being in the moment with what is.


Structures for days 1 and 2

The art of erotic touching (Margot Anand)

Body imprints massage

Strokes for grounding the body (bioenergetics massage)

Deep tissue massage and useful elements of biodynamic massage.

Awakening the Senses ritual.

Creative Seasonal Ritual.


Days 3 and 4: discovering your erotic potential

Massage to open the body to the flow of life energy. Following the ideas of both Wilhelm Reich and traditional tantric teachings about kundalini, before releasing sexual excitement and power we open the body to allow the channels of the body to let the life energy to expand. A pleasurable healing massage gently removes tensions which block this flow and make us afraid of our own energy, power and pleasure.

Opening the channels of the spine

We begin with Reichian massage of the spine to experience the muscles of the spine as channels for energy flow rather than as the place where we hold back from life. We bring the spine back into alignment by softening the tense muscles that break it up into isolated segments.

Then the kundalini massage enables us to open up the energy channels in the spine, the ida, pingala and sushumna, creating a balance between left and right, masculine and feminine energies in the body, and inviting the streamings of life energy to flow through the spine.



Opening the meridians

We energize the whole body and prepare it for a balanced and pleasurable flow of fire and water.

The experience of energy flowing through our physical body enables us to realize that we are more than just a physical being: we are a point of consciousness becoming aware of itself as art of the life flow of the universe. This awareness of our connectedness to life and energy is the alchemy of ecstasy – standing outside ourselves.


Structures for days 3 and 4

Reichian spinal massage

Reichian breathing and chest massage

Elements of deep draining

Kundalini massage

Bio-release massage

Spinal drumming

Taoist erotic massage


Day 5: Opening and connecting sex, heart and spirit

 In this sequence we use deep massage to release the sexual energy that is held by habit and unconscious fear or shame in the form of tension in the muscles of the pelvis and thighs, especially the pelvic floor muscle. But first we use chest, arm and diaphragm massage to open the heart to accept and love our excitement, and cranial and neck massage to reduce the resistance of our minds and moral judgments and enable us to be simply aware of our excitement and pleasure without judging or analysing it.

Opening the mind:

  • Elements of Indian and native American head massage.
  • Jade gate massage
  • Reichian neck massage.

Opening the heart:

Taoist heart opening sequence

Opening the sex:

Deep pelvic massage.

Connecting the three centres:

Awakening the sacred body

Opening the segments and dolphin wave

Joint release and splitting the body


Days 6 and 7: Massage for sexual healing.

We continue the deep pelvic work with a healing massage for the perineum, the first chakra, and for the pelvic floor muscle around the anus, together with the two sphincter muscles. For men this enables us to massage the prostate both indirectly via the perineum (external prostate point) and directly through the anus. Tension in the first chakra creates a base of fear and struggle, which when healed and relaxed becomes a base of pleasure and openness, bringing more flexibility to the character. The anus has as many pleasure nerves as the sex, and it can be reclaimed as an important source of erotic energy.

Yoni and vajra healing

The next step is a healing massage of yoni (the vagina) and of the vajra or lingam (penis). The massage is done with the intent of healing, that is to make contact with whatever is there as energy in the sexual organ. This cannot happen when there is an expectation of arousal. Any pain, insensitivity or negative experiences from the past can be released so that the genitals become open for a deep, relaxed excitement.

Yoni healing

Vajra healing

Rosetta healing

Days 8 to 10: the dynamics of pleasure

We teach techniques from different traditions for the massage of yoni and vajra for pleasure and excitement. The emphasis is on the relaxation into the energy to allow the pleasure to expand beyond the pelvis and through the diaphragm to allow the sexual energy to expand into the heart and then through the jade gate into the brain. We will also teach the expanded sexual orgasm technique of balancing the plus and minus poles of sexuality to achieve plateau orgasm and an extended state of expanded consciousness.

For women we will explore not only Gspot massage but also other erogenous zones inside yoni and the science of yoni reflexology, both for pleasure and for healing. For shiva we explore techniques for being in choice whether to ejaculate or not and how the masseuse can guide and influence the path of non-ejaculation. We will also teach the typology of vajra and yoni in both quodoushka and hindu traditions, and the theme of female ejaculation.

Days 11 and 12: the energy body

The next step is to teach the client how to expand the energy from the whole body into the energy body. This is the most important step into tantra proper, using the sexual excitement to create the experience of the energy body. We will explore how to teach the energy movement of contraction and expansion including the technique of the big draw, and massages of the energy body both within and beyond the physical body.

We will also teach four handed massage, both to encourage surrender and a complete letting go, as well as for harmonizing and balancing the energy body.

Extended sexual orgasm

Big draw

Shivaite erotic massage

Yoni and vajra reflexology

Chakra merging

Chakra wave

sexual breathing

erogenous zones massage

chakra oil massage

male-female breath

heart wave

heart pleasuring

blended stimulation

eagles wings energy massage

unveiling the god

yab yum massage

yin yang touch

magic wand massage


Setting Up

How to set up a tantra massage practice, code of ethics, promotion, legal matters, dealing with cuxtomers, finances, personal safety and boundaries, hygiene, insurance and other relevant themes.

Those completing the 16 days training will be awarded a certificate of training as a tantra massage practitioner. Those completing 10 supervision sessions will be awarded a certificate of competence. Those who are fully certificated will have their names published on the Path of Touch website as approved practitioners.

Days 13 – 15:  a step by step initiation into tantra

We will learn and practice a programme of massages that take a client from being motivated largely by the desire for sexual relief into a full experience of the tantric energy. This programme offers a variety of massage experiences moving into different levels and creates a series of initiations deeper and deeper into the essence of tantra, an understanding of sacred sex and of the energy body. The client is encouraged to be less and less the passive recipient of a massage and more and more an active particiant through breathing techniques and energy body movements.

  • Earth: expanding genital pleasure into whole body pleasure, moving from stimulation to sensitivity
  • Fire: from physical body pleasure to energy body pleasure
  • Air: breathing to fan the fire and open the heart.
  • Water: letting go.
  • Spirit: the body as your temple
  • Sacred sex: entering the ecstatic dreamtime.

Dates of the training: