Advanced tantra training, more about the course

Week Workshop Level: II - Advanced Tantric Path

The advanced tantra meetings are open to all graduates of Tantric training Sacred body - Passionate spiritSacred Couple training or Lovemaking with John Hawken.

The theme is essentially how to move from “doing tantra”, ie attending workshops to enjoy some high energy, to “being Tantric”, living tantra every day as your lifestyle.

We explore, through tantic structures and rituals, the following themes:

  • How to generate and live in high energy and cultivate one’s aliveness?
  • How to dance between holding intent for ones dream, and going with the flow?
  • between self-determination and surrender?
  • between desire and letting go?
  • between self-worth and humility?
  • How to be conscious and speak one's truth from the heart and from a place of equality?
  • How to let go of being right and instead focus on integrity?

The dance between commitment and freedom.

  • What is the true nature of freedom?
  • To whom or to what does it make sense to be faithful?

The different kinds of love.

  • Falling in love, being in love and rising in love.
  • The developmental staqges of love in an intimate relationship.
  • What is intimacy?
  • The place of intimacy in sexuality.
  • Is excitement or love the basis of sexuality?
  • Is it possible to have both?
  • Surrendering to something bigger than oneself.
  • What is spirit in practical everyday living?
  • What is spiritual sex?

The style of the group will be experiential and experimental. John will not so much be giving you answers as guiding you to discover answers for yourself. As well as his programme there will be space for the group to bring in their own themes and questions.

GERMAN Advanced tantra training 2019

Date of Event: 26.06.-30.06.2019
Language (translation): German


german only, please see on the german site when you speak german.