Steps of the Tantric Path

Tantric path has the power to radically change your life. Tantra is for the brave - those who want more out of life, for those who crave a deeper experience, meaning, awareness and fulfillment. Tantric path is intended for anyone who wants to live here on earth and experience their own divinity and feel a connection to others and the entire universe.

Ideally you start your tantric journey with the Introductory tantric evening. In this three-hour session into the world of Tantra you become familiar with its basic principles. You will feel more in contact with your body on a physical and energetic level and also learn the basic keys that allow you to come into contact with your energy. There will be simple practical exercises.

For those who decide to go deeper on the tantric path, the next step is The Weekend Taste of Tantra, which is an essential building block of your tantric journey. During this two-day course, we go deeper connecting with our bodies; using our energy we will open to a new vibrancy and quality of experience. Introductory Tantric weekends are fun, sensual and offer plenty of learning and surprises. You will feel alive.

Those who want to walk the tantric path as a path of personal development and transformation, have a unique opportunity in the year-long tantric training Sacred body - Passionate spirit.

This training is deeply transformational. The training is a path of exploring and practising a tantric approach to life and tantric sexuality. The training comprises a total of 4 blocks which are spread over one year. This time allows us to change our energy patterns and integrate these changes into our daily lives. From the second block the training is a closed group whose members travel together and support each other on this exciting journey of personal transformation. The closed group nurtures an environment of trust allowing you to go into practical exercises in ever more depth.

To join the year long training you are required to participate on the introductory weekend Taste of Tantra. After this training, you can follow onto the advanced tantric training, which is designed only for graduates of the Sacred body - Passionate spirit. Emphasis is placed on how to live Tantra in all aspects of your life. This tantric path you can take in a couple or as individuals. Both ways are very beneficial.

For you and your beloved we offer the tantric training for couples only - Lovemaking. It is designed for all couples who are determined to bring more awareness to their partnership, their sexuality and, rekindle the flame celebrating the relationship through the union of heart and sex.

Tantra Courses:

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 3)

10.07.-15.07.2018 continue I

Taste of Tantra Introductory Weekend

03.08.-05.08.2018 Introductory Workshop 0 I

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 17/4

06.08.-12.08.2018 continue


10.09.-16.09.2018 II

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 18/1

17.09.-23.09.2018 Year Long Training I

TANTRA - Celebrating togetherness - long tantric weekend for couples

12.10.-14.10.2018 Introductory Workshop I

IN GERMAN ONLY!!! Sacred Body - Passionate Spirit 4/2

15.10.-21.10.2018 continue I

Advanced tantra training 2018

14.11.-18.11.2018 Week Workshop II

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 1)

27.11.-02.12.2018 Year Long Training I

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 18/2

03.12.-09.12.2018 continue I

Year 2019:

Celebrating Togetherness - Introduction to Tantra and Tantric Massages - for couples

08.02.-10.02.2019 Weekend Workshop I

IN GERMAN ONLY!!! Sacred Body - Passionate Spirit 4/3

11.02.-17.02.2019 continue

GERMAN Advanced tantra training 2018

20.02.-24.02.2019 One off workshop II

Taste of Tantra Introductory Weekend

08.03.-10.03.2019 Weekend Workshop 0

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 2)

12.03.-17.03.2019 continue


18.03.-24.03.2019 continue II

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 18/3

25.03.-31.03.2019 continue

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 18/4

03.06.-09.06.2019 continue

IN GERMAN ONLY!!! Sacred Body - Passionate Spirit 4/4

10.06.-16.06.2019 continue

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 3)

02.07.-07.07.2019 continue


16.09.-22.09.2019 continue II