Taste of Tantra introductory weekend

A Taste of Tantra offers an inspiring initiation into the world of tantra. It is fun, sensuous, and full of learning and surprises. It increases awareness and sensitivity, and opens the heart. We learn to relax into more and more aliveness, and to appreciate and manifest the sacred in ourselves and in each other. 

The weekend begins with a gentle initiation into the world of tantra in the form of a ceremony called the Awakening of the Senses. This ritual takes us out of the sensory bombardment that assaults particularly our eyes and our ears and dulls our senses, leading us to seek more and more stimulation in an upward spiral that can only end in overwhelm. The tantric way allows us to experience one sensory impression at a time, to really take it in and let it resonate within us, to savour it, to meditate upon it. The senses take us deeply into our bodies, into our sensitivity and into the here and now, releasing us from the tyranny of the past and the future into the simplicity of the present. 

On the Saturday morning we begin the journey of experiencing ourselves not only as physical beings, but also as energy beings, exploring playfully the pleasure of flowing with our energy and meeting and merging with others. In the Moving Centre we learn the pulsation of alive relationship, finding the freedom of choice when to move out into contact and when to be inward with ourselves. We also learn to identify ourselves not with our boundaries and limitations, but with the experience of ourselves as a flow of energy which can take any form as we explore and realize our unlimited potential. 

In the afternoon we explore the chakras as our doors of perception, the gateways through which we interact with others and with the world. As we consciously raise our energy up from our survival sex centre we can interact from many different levels and realize our choice as to how to meet and how to be on the whole palate of possibilities between sex, heart and spirit.

In an evening ritual we open and heal the heart and celebrate ourselves as each one a unique incarnation of the god and the goddess, experiencing our capacity for love, for aliveness and for erotic pleasure as a gift from the universe, part of the sacred nature of our being, reclaiming the innocense and naturalness  of our sexuality. 

On Sunday we teach essential tantric practices for energetic health and for moving energy through the body and meeting a partner in sex, heart and spirit. 

Often participants return to A Taste of Tantra, sometimes again and again, to enjoy the richness of the tantric weaving and to go deeper into the essential teachings of the tantric path – truths we can return to with a new understanding each time.