Lovemaking - more about the course

The structure of the group is a series of three sessions per day focusing on one Tantric practice or theme. The first session is together in the morning in the group room  to learn and practise Tantric technique with your partner outside the context of lovemaking. In the second session, which is in the afternoon, you try out the technique you learned in the first session  in the privacy of your double room while making love, experiencing it in the context of your sexual relationship.

In the third session, the group meets to share their experiences and to ask any questions that have arisen. The sharing of common experiences for couples, is also an amazing space for mutual inspiration and motivation.

The themes we will cover are:

  • Inviting and allowing your energy to flow through the whole body to experience a strong pleasurable flow of energy and move towards a whole body orgasm.
  • Experiencing your energy bodies and making contact on the energetic level, focusing on the energetic contact more strongly than on the physical contact.
  • Using breathing techniques to raise and circulate energy between you.
  • Reversing the male and female polarities, switching the roles of giving and receiving, penetrating and being penetrated.
  • Expressing and creating wishes and fantasies, being yin and yang during lovemaking.
  • Exploring techniques to release held energy from the sympathetic nervous system and to release it forward into the parasympathetic for increased energetic contact.
  • Balancing the plus and minus poles of our sexuality to achieve plateau orgasm and orgasm without ejaculating or losing energy. For the male partner to learn the art of non-ejaculation and for the female partner to learn how to support him. Making lovemaking last longer.
  • Techniques to enter together into  higher spiritual states of consciousness and to experience ecstacy.
  • Asanas (lovemaking positions) and the different energies they invoke.
  • Role-playing during lovemaking. Calling in and embodying different archetypes.
  • Lovemaking as healing and transformation.
  • Lovemaking as meditation: the art of plugging in and soft penetration.