Celebrating togetherness - tantric weekend for couples

NEW! Weekend Workshop Level: I - Beginners Tantric Path

The path of tantra as a couple is quite different from that of a single. As a single one confronts one’s sense of self-worth, seeking to liberate oneself from fear and shame, as reflected in the many mirrors of meetings with many partners. The goal is the freedom to find one’s personal expression of energy and sexuality.

The path of tantra in a committed bonded relationship becomes the tao, the path, which one creates and to which one surrenders simultaneously in the dance of yin and yang. So the relationship takes you beyond yourself, to learn to merge with something bigger than you. Moreover, any bonded relationship, called to you by your soul, will be karmic. That means that the issues that come up in the relationship, the limitations, annoyances, challenges, will not be random irritations but will be mirrors of your own karmic patterns, the forms from which you need to liberate yourself. Instead of walking away from the relationship and seeking another (which would be the equivalent of smashing the mirror), you transform those limitations and forms within yourself, both in your consciousness and in your dance of energy. 

Singles tantra celebrates freedom to move on, to let go, to be independent and complete in yourself. Couples tantra celebrates the freedom to go deep, to go through, to stay the course, based not on fear of being alone, but on humbleness, on devotion, on service. Love becomes something to give and share rather than something to get. As for dependency, if we really live in "bakhti", in devotion, and surrender our ego, there is no self left to be dependant. There is just love. Not as a sacrifice but as a celebration.

In the tantric tradition the relationship is seen as a third entity, which has its own energy body. We will practise meditations and rituals to build the energy body of your partnership and to make it into a stable and powerful support for your individual growth and the realisation of both of your sacred dreams. The tantric paradigm of tantric relationship is to see the God and Goddess in each other, to hold up the mirror of your partner´s highest potential to him or to her, so becoming a catalyst for their unfolding. We will also explore the partner as a teacher who embodies that which we are missing (positive projection, what we fall in love with) or what we are concealing and keeping unconscious (negative projections, what emerges once the honeymoon is over).

We will:

  • Explore the energy body of our relationship
  • Open to the sweetness of intimate heart connection
  • Transform power struggles and fear into excitement and pleasure
  • Learn honest and clear communication
  • Connect simultaneously in sex, heart and spirit
  • Publicly honour and so strengthen our togetherness
  • Explore merging our energies into meditation and ecstasy
  • Be healers and teachers for each other

Valentine Celebrating Togetherness with John and Katka

Date of Event: 12.02.-14.02.2021
Language (translation): English, Czech
Price: 360 (Deposit: 110 €)


Earlybird: deposit paid by 12. Dec 2020 €340


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