Sacred Body, Passionate Spirit training/ programe

In the Tantric training Sacred body, Passionate Spirit we will move through the following steps:

Stage 1: Discovering the Energy Body

  • Learning to experience aliveness and excitement not in the form of tension and need or expectation, but as openness and flow.
  • Relaxing into excitement and allowing it to expand into the whole body and beyond.
  • Experiencing our nature as a flow of energy which can take many forms – identifying with the flow rather than the form and being in choice about how we are informed. Responding instead of reacting to information. Letting go and moving on. Releasing old habits and patterns of behaviour.
  • Understanding our habitual form, the patterns of character structure in which we hold our energy, and learning to soften and relax the body, to let these forms melt away so that we can respond to the present instead of repeatedly reacting to the past.
  • Realizing that in our true nature as energy beings that have incarnated into a body, that we are unlimited in our potential, and that the body is a temple to enable our energy to experience the sacred pleasure and wonder of the world of the senses.

Stage 2: sexual grounding

  • Healing the imprints left by our experience of our parents as to what is a man? What is a woman? What is love? What is the potential between man and woman?
  • Healing the Oedipal triangle and bringing the parents together in the heart.
  • Conceiving and birthing the magical, creative tantric child.
  • Understanding the stages of our sexual development – oral, anal, genital, holistic – and allowing our growth to continue where it has been interrupted.
  • Releasing and enjoying the power of the inner child to create innocent fun and joy and play.
  • Enjoying being daring

Stage 3: eating of the fruit of the tree

  • Healing shame
  • Breath and meditation
  • Energy merging and exchange
  • Meeting the inner man and the inner woman
  • Creating sacred space

Phase Two: Transcending Duality

Stage 1: embracing the dark

  • meeting and transforming the demons
  • sex and power/dark fantasies/the principles of pleasure and pain
  • addictive v. nourishing pleasure
  • surrendering and letting go: the death ritual
  • loving one’s body and one’s self: the self-pleasuring ritual.

Stage 2: descending upwards into the dark light

  • healing the first chakra
  • sacred longings: the search for God(dess) that lies beneath our deepest desires.
  • lovers masks and the yin-yang game: healing the power games and initiating others into our energy world.
  • binding and flying/contracting and expanding – liberating our energy.
  • coming down from the cross of duality
  • the last taboo: the energy of money, the mirror of the money game.
  • healing with fire: fire ceremony and sweat lodge.

Phase Three: Sexual Healing and Celebration

Stage 1: sexual healing

  • Healing yoni and vajra
  • Exploring the polarity of pleasure, the male and female poles within us.
  • Extended sexual orgasm and whole-body pleasure.

Stage 2: celebration

  • Riding the wave of bliss: tantric energy exchange
  • Traditional tantric rituals and meditations
  • Mandalas, mantras, mudras.
  • Sexual alchemy.

Dates of the tantra training: