What is the path of tantra?

The word tantra comes from India and Tibet. It is the science and the art of being alive, based on practices that consciously explore life experientially. This practical exploration covers:

  • what does it mean to be a man? to be a woman? how can men and women really meet?
  • what is the depth of love? what is the height of sex?
  • how to create a fulfilling relationship without fear of rejection while staying true to yourself?
  • what is god/spirit?
  • what is death and how can it have meaning?
  • Desire, passion, pleasure - are they selfish or can they be spiritual?
  • how to be attached - committed, caring, passionate - and at the same time non-attached - selfless, tranquil, trusting?
  • What is the sense of life?
  • What is the most beneficial interaction between body, mind and spirit?
  • what is the nature of experience and perception? what is the relationship between the perceiver and the perceived?
  • how is consciousness different from thinking?
  • how do I distinguish truth from illusion?
  • how to feel more alive, become more charismatic and attractive to others?
  • how to create the reality that fulfills you?

in fact all the fundamental questions of life.


Tantra has answers to all these questions: it also has many explanations of how life works based on an understanding of energy, which is not part of our mechanistic culture, yet a grasp of which enables us to interact creatively with many aspects of life that were previously mysterious forces by which we were helplessly buffeted: relationships, love, sexuality, fate.

Above all, tantra does not prescribe answers: unlike a religion, it does not tell you what to think and believe. It gives you structures to explore these themes experientially and personally, and then to come to your own conclusions based on these experiences. The only authority in tantra is your own heart, your own sense of what is true for you and what your spirit needs to follow.
If you are interested in these burning life questions, if you want to find your own answers not just be given them by a higher authority, if you want to spend time with other people who want to explore what is the sense of life and how relationships function, then tantra is for you. It covers the subjects they didn't dare explore at school!

Tantra is for free thinkers, for rebels, for non-conformists,
for seekers of alternatives,
for lovers,  and lovers of life,
for truth seekers,
for seekers of excitement, for seekers of tranquility,
for seekers of meaning, making sense of existence,
for seekers of pleasure and delight,
for those who seek god,
for those who seek themselves.


John Hawken