Dark Eros 1

"With the term dark eros we invite an exploration of all of our sexual expression that is consciously transgressive, that investigates the particular flavour of forbidden fruit."

Tantra is a traditional way of breaking taboos in the name of personal freedom. The act of crossing the border breaks the barrier of fear and shame, the moment of liberation creating an energy charge, upon which we can rise to heights of pleasure and ecstatic experiences. The experience can awaken in us a stronger sense of independence from social norms, and our sense of individuality.

In this training we become aware of the forbidden nature of sexuality in our culture and the resulting tension in our own bodies - even though our own personal philosophies may embrace the path of spiritual sexuality. We use dark eros, the conscious excitement of transgression, to transcend and heal the tensions that create this ambiguous excitement.

Through the rebellious sabotage of the moral system by finding pleasure in the tensions, while yet seeking to move through the pleasure of tension into the pleasures of expansion and relaxation, we become rebels who sabotage moral systems, and disempower the social conditioning that keeps us small and our sexual pleasure limited.

We move through the need for intensity from and with others into a need-free experience of our own expanded being-in-pleasure. The key is to enjoy yet remain unattached to the dark pleasures, being caught neither by the net of morality nor by the hook of addiction.

Dark Eros 1 will cover:

  • Healing your personal stories of blame and guilt.
  • Role playing the past and the present to become conscious of your power games, and using dark eros to experience them openly and consciously.
  • Going deeper into where anger and guilt are held in the body, and liberating the tension. This includes healing and transforming any violence you may have experienced in your childhood such as abuse or rape, or simply being in the energy field of violent or choleric parents and the fear of random expressions of unjustified anger or blaming that one experiences and are imprinted in the body memory.
  • Transforming fear into excitement through simple bondage and vulnerability
  • Role playing dominant/submissive archetypes, exploring different responses to power
  • Rosetta healing and pleasuring.