Shamanic Training - Feedback

"After four years of working with John, I am more than ever inspired by his teaching and therapy. John has opened up for me a richness of experience which I hadn’t previously known was possible.

 I’ve experienced his tantra training up to Advanced level and found it amazingly transformational. In circle work, as well as in rituals and structures, he gets to grips both generally and individually with any issues that constitute a block in the way of making spiritual progress. My own consciousness of the demons that keep replaying from the past has led to a language with which my partner and I can work much more creatively at the issues which insist on regularly recurring. Alongside this, his teaching of a wide range of techniques for working with energy, including breathing, movement and voice opens up the possibility of experiencing higher and higher states of bliss – a prospect which has obvious attractions but which I’ve found it’s annoyingly easy to get distracted from! I’ve found, too, great liberation in having my inhibitions pushed back and personal boundaries extended. John creates opportunities for this always in an atmosphere of total trust, love and reverence where each individual feels valued and nurtured. There is a lot of fun, warmth and dancing as well. For me this has all meant that the level on which I can engage with other people within the whole spectrum between brief encounters and sexual ecstasy has become far richer, more alive, more open, more fully engaged and exciting.

 John is also deeply steeped in shamanism and for me the training has been a personal journey which has been both challenging and very exciting. The emphasis on healing, freeing the spirit and finding one’s sacred dream has merged dynamically with tantra. As someone whose feet have tended to be rather too firmly on the ground I have found the letting go into wider states of consciousness extremely liberating.

 Finally I have experienced three amazing pilgrimage holidays with John, to Crete, to India and to Mexico/Guatemala. All three of these took us deeply into the culture and spirit of the place visited and all three constitute great high points in my life. I feel personally extremely enriched by what these places offered which could not have been opened up to anywhere near the same extent without John’s leadership, insight and teaching and without the rituals which took me, and I’m sure the rest of the group, into a deep and close relationship with the places visited, whether yoni cave, dakini temples or Mayan pyramids.

 I have found in no other individual anything like John’s combination of intellectual range and rigour, knowledge, spiritual depth, dynamic therapeutic insight, humour, inspirational teaching, personal honesty and openness, down-to-earth humanity and refreshing unwillingness to set himself up as a guru."