Shamanic Training

Year Long Training - continue Level: I - Beginners Shamanic Path

Shamanic training The Medicine Way is a closed group of people that walk together for one year and explore under John´s guidance both intellectually and experientially the medicine wheel. We will learn new ways of understanding and relating to reality in all its manifestations with respect and equality. The training consists of four 4-day-long meetings and is a strong personal transformation process.

The teaching of the medicine wheel can help us in many areas of life:

  • to grow from a childish way of looking at the world into an adult way and see the reality through the mind and heart  simultaneously
  • to find balance between our inner male and female polarity
  • to dance our life energy awake to move towards our sacred dream
  • to free ourselves on the line of karma – ancestors, thus liberating ourselves from unconscious patterns from the past
  • to experience a feeling of oneness and harmony with everything around us, instead of a feeling of helplessness or need for control


Shamanic training, (Block 4)

Beginning of the new shamanic training.

Date of Event: 09.08.-13.08.2017
Language (translation): English, Czech

2. Block 7. - 11. 12. 2016

3. Block 10. - 14. 5. 2017

4. Block 9. - 13. 8. 2017 .

Upcoming events - Shamanism:

Year 2017:

Shamanic training, (Block 1) - IN GERMAN LANGUAGE

04.10.-08.10.2017 Year Long Training I

Year 2018:

Shamanic training, (Block 2) - IN GERMAN LANGUAGE

18.04.-22.04.2018 continue I

Shamanic training, (Block 3) - IN GERMAN LANGUAGE

18.07.-22.07.2018 continue I

Shamanic training, (Block 4) - IN GERMAN LANGUAGE

05.09.-09.09.2018 continue I