The Path of Pilgrimage

NEW! Pilgrimages Level: I - Beginners Pilgrimage path

The ancient tradition of pilgrimage creates change by letting a journey through an outer landscape become a mirror to stimulate an inner journey through an inner landscape. We work strongly with the four elements to create soul alchemy, and in the power places of the world to open the gateways between outside and inside, between macrocosm and microscosm. These power places once experienced become a resource in the soul memory to which the pilgrim can return at any time.



Our pilgrimages include:

The Mary Magdalen pilgrimage, a search for the sources of the divine feminine in the south of France

Magical Cornwall, a journey to the stone circles and other celtic power places of SW England

A pilgrimage to the tantric temples of India; SW Crete and the temple of Aesclepius, to our western tantric roots

A pilgrimage to the Mayan temples and power places of Mexico and Guatemala; and Magical Bohemia, a week in the power places of the Czech Republic

A pilgrimage to the nuragic culture of Sardinia.

These journeys are truly inner adventures which include meditations and rituals, but also include enough fun and holiday elements to return home enriched and relaxed.

Relaxing In The Lap Of The Goddess Crete 2023

Date of Event: 09.09.-16.09.2023
Language (translation): English, Czech, German
Price: 900 (Deposit: 200 €)

Upcoming events of the Path of Pilgrimage:

Year 0000:

Magical Cornwall 2014

Pilgrimages 0

Year 2013:

Tantric Pilgimage to Mary Magdalene

01.09.-08.09.2013 Pilgrimages I

Year 2014:

Tantra in Crete (tantric-shamanic journey)

23.09.-30.09.2014 Pilgrimages I

Year 2015:


Shamanic pilgrimage across Ecuador

15.01.-13.02.2015 Pilgrimages 0

Year 2016:


PILGRIMAGE - Crete 2016

24.09.-01.10.2016 Pilgrimages I II

Year 2017:



09.09.-16.09.2017 Pilgrimages I

Year 2018:

Relaxing In The Lap Of The Goddess Crete 2018

29.09.-06.10.2018 Pilgrimages

Year 2022:


Magical Cornwall 2022

09.06.-19.06.2022 Pilgrimages

Year 2023:


Relaxing In The Lap Of The Goddess Crete 2023

09.09.-16.09.2023 Pilgrimages I