The Art of Tantra Massage: professional training

Year Long Training - continue Level: I - Beginners

The course is experiential but also for people who want to give tantric massage professionally. The course has 4 five-day blocks.

It is designed for people who want through the tantric massage get in more touch with their body, open their body to the energy, heal any old disaproval of their bodies and negative feeling like fear or shame, and just want to learn to deeply relax, so that the natural energy will start to flow and thus bring up any physical, energetic or emotional issues that need to be released or healed. The body has its own wisdom and if we or our mind can stop being in the way, then beautiful moments can happen that will connect us again with our natural state of oneness, pleasure, joy, flow.



The Art of Tantra Massage: Professional Training (Block 4)

Date of Event: 29.07.-02.08.2019
Language (translation): English, Polish

The number of spaces is limited, 
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Module 1: Tantra Massage Fundamentals: Sensitive, Conscious and Sacred Touch
10-15.07.2018, Nowe Kawkowo, teaching: Freya Wolna

Module 2: The Multiple Dimensions of Sexual Healing
2.10-7.10.2018, Nowe Kawkowo, teaching: Freya Wolna

Module 3: The Dynamics of Pleasure & The Energy Body
Q1 2019, Nowe Kawkowo, teaching” Freya Wolna

Module 4 For Professional Practitioners: A Step-By-Step Initiation into Tantra
Q2 2019, Cernivsko, Czech Republic, teaching: John Hawken & Freya Wolna


1400 PLN per the first 3 modules, 1600 PLN for the 4th module. 

Important notice: 
This is a year long training. By registering for the first module you are expected to commit for the whole year training , thus the deposit will be deducted from the third module of the training.
This price does NOT include food nor accommodation

If you pay the deposit by 25.05.2018, you will receive 200 PLN discount
If you bring another person who has not participated in Freya’s workshop you can get additional 100 PLN discount. 

Anyone who registers for a workshop or Freya session* from your referral reduces your participation fee by 10%.
*Applies to people who have never participated in Freya's lectures, workshops or sessions.

Course Coordinator: 
Aaron Nowosz
517 643 295

„Here and Now” Personal and Spiritual Development Center In Nowe Kawkowo 
Accommodation – price varies depending on the room standard, from PLN 32-85 / day
Food: 3 vegetarian meals: PLN 70 / day
Important: please contact the centre separately to reserve accommodation.

Contact to the venue:, 
Office: 0662759576
Jacek Towalski 0602219382,
Maja Wołosiewicz - Towalska 0606994366