Free spaces only for men Week Workshop Shamanic Path

The Shamanic and Tantric worldviews are of inclusion and integration, there is no concept of good or evil, right or wrong, simply of balance and totality, coming into the centre of our own lives so that we can live all our aspects, all our potentialities, and so that our relationships and the world around us can become places of fulfilment, beauty and bliss.

The medicine wheel of The Lover’s Masks provides a map for integrating the different longings of our sexual natures, so that we can enjoy them all rather than feeling we must choose between them. During this intensive we will explore the eight directions; in the North communicating with awareness, energetic sexuality and orgasm in the North-East, ritual in the East, community in the South-East, innocence and playfulness in the South, Adventure and the Edge in the South-West, Tantric Massage in the West, and Power Play and Conscious BDSM in the North-West.

Weaving together practices and rituals from Tantra, Taoism, Native American Shamanism, Western Psychology and Bioenergetics we will integrate our conscious desires and transform our shadow, embracing all sexual possibilities and relating styles, to discover how to live in our integrity, with love, awareness and abundance.


Date of Event: 02.08.-08.08.2021
Language (translation): in French
Price: 600