“We have learned so much about us as a couple in only a few days. It has brought a new depth to our relationship. The workshop was full of excellent demonstrations and time given to practice. One insightful practice was of ‘non-doing’ – this has been most helpful in integrating our connection with spirit during love-making by allowing spirit to flow through us…..bliss! Love Making now is so natural and very precious, more intimate and passionate. We have learned how to expand our sensuality and connection with each other and now cherish the relationship that we have. John & Gabi created a loving and safe environment for beautiful experiences to manifest. John’s knowledge, wisdom and teaching style are truly amazing.” Peter & Sue, Doctor, Devon

“Transforming! A wonderful, joyous, empowering training which brought about deep healing and at times challenging experiences. The whole training was a very positive experience helping me to develop a healthy relationship with my sexuality and finding peace in my body. This helped in my process of knowing myself, accepting and loving myself and others more fully. In-depth group sharings created an atmosphere of honesty and openness. John is a brilliant teacher who has a style of delivering this incredible subject in a way which is easy to understand sharing his personal experiences.” Alison, Teacher, Glasgow


“John’s shamanic healing helped me to get insights into the depth of my being which allowed me to realise my deepest longing. This facilitated an acceptance on a level never achieved before….never allowed. I experienced a freedom to be profoundly vulnerable and yet completely safe. I feel more true and real as a consequence.

The Tantric sexual healing allowed me to experience pain-free lovemaking for the first time in my life. Exploring the shadow allowed me to be total in that I accepted as aspects of myself elements I’d previously projected onto others. Hence I no longer demonised those aspects but realised they were parts of me to be healed….furthermore I was able to do this in a joyful and playful way as I was healing the guilt and shame relating to them. I became a truly creative force in my healing as I took responsibility for my whole experience without blame.


I’ve learnt tools which are proven to continue taking me further towards more and more pleasure…. greater freedom to discover what it is I truly desire.
Whenever something is bothering me I recognise the mechanism by which it is created, how I am attached to its existence and can take steps to discontinue giving it energy to continue. In other words I have the ability to choose whether to stay with this experience or move on to something more rewarding and pleasurable.

My mind has been broadened by the experience of working with John that equates to a paradigm shift in raised awareness. I found a sense of myself arriving home at long last. The training brought together aspects of self which everywhere else in life had ignored, denigrated or been in denial of its existence." Grace

"Over many years working with John I find his approach is always in a spirit of exploration and adventure. I feel he's a fellow-traveller as well as teacher and guide in the quest for deeper understanding of energy and consciousness, through Tantra and shamanism." Tilly, potter, Devon

Tantra with John has helped me in ways I had never imagined, when I started out.  I have more 'self understanding' and have been able to grow as a person.  I am looking forward to my next training! Clive, London