Bioenergetics Training

This training will cover a thorough theoretical and practical grounding in the work of Wilhelm Reich and his followers.

It is open for people who have some experience in verbal therapies and want to explore particular themes through body work, or who want to deepen their experience of themselves through the methods of bioenergetics.

Bioenergetcs is a self-exploration through becoming aware of tensions in your body. The tensions create your character, the person you became under the influence of your parents and your society. The tensions are created by the energies of past formative experience imprinted on your body. By becoming aware of the tensions in the muscles and the energetic charge or emptiness in the soft tissues of the body, we can release the imprint, any accompanying emotion and energetic charge, freeing up our energy to flow freely and take forms chosen by our consciousness appropriate to being an adult and to the response we consciously choose to life in each moment. We liberate ourselves from our reactive patterns, and not only release the energy locked into the old reaction, but also the energy used to repress and control our natural selves and to adapt to the image demanded of us by society. This frees up a huge amount of energy for our aliveness, our creativity, our pleasure and joy in life.

So we become free to be our true selves, flowing with life and with the energy to create our conscious path and fulfill our dreams.


Themes for this work are: 

  • Primal therapy, birth and intrauterine experiences and imprints that affect our lifetime patterns of energy.
  • Understanding the patterns and needs of one’s character type
  • Moving from dependency to independence
  • Being aware of your feelings and expressing them appropriately and communicatively
  • Knowing what you want and what you don’t want and communicating that safely and respectfully
  • Assertiveness
  • Raising your energy levels, being more alive, aware, sensitive to life.
  • Grounding and standing on your own feet
  • Increasing the flexibility of one’s attitudes
  • Flowing with life instead struggling against it
  • Opening to aliveness and pleasure
  • Being able to be present and to stay in contact


Further work for this training: 

  • An understanding of the phenomenon of resistance and how to use and work through it. 
  • How to work energetically and physically with projection, both positive and negative. 
  • The different kinds of touch, their intent and and applications: holding, containing, focussing, making conscious, confronting, soothing, mothering and fathering, supporting, grounding. 
  • Understanding the energy movements of expanded and contracted, dense and diffuse, penetrating and enveloping, ballooning and collapsing, and how to work consciously with them. 
  • The emotional plague, repression and rebellion. 
  • Armouring and core energetics, energy and character. 
  • Imprints, memoire corporelle, regression, Janov and Grof. 
  • The relationship between consciousness and energy, catharsis, demons, creative confrontation, witness consciousness. 
  • The importance of breath, Reichian and other breathing techniques. 
  • The orgasm reflex , the birth reflex.
  • Character analysis – the character types and their use in therapy. The narcissistic character. The oral character. Anality, the sado-masochistic character.The psychopathic types 1 and 2.The hysterical character. The rigid character. Schizoid and borderline characters. 
  • Therapy and spirituality.
  • Techniques to raise energy, bioenergetic stress positions, Osho meditations. 
  • Grounding and its importance, both through the feet and through the eyes. 
  • The segments and their order of opening. 
  • Bonding. 
  • Reich‘ s students and their contributions: Kelly and the Radix Institute, Stanley Keleman and Alexander Lowen, Ron Kurtz and Hakomi, David Boadella and Biosynthesis, Gerda Boyeson and family and Biodynamics. 
  • Self regulation, the inner wisdom and balance of the body


It is also designed for therapists, therapeutic masseurs and counselors who wish to include working with the physical body and the energy body in their repertoire of therapeutic methods and interventions. The open training will be followed by a further follow-up training which will explore and teach the following themes. This basic training will prepare the ground for the professional training.

Upcoming events - Bioenergetics:


Bioenergetic training with Jon G and Elara (Block 1)

07.09.-10.09.2023 Year Long Training I

Bioenergetic training with Jon G and Elara (Block 2)

02.11.-05.11.2023 continue

Year 2024:


Bioenergetic training with Jon G and Elara (Block 3)

08.02.-11.02.2024 continue

Bioenergetic training with Jon G and Elara (Block 4)

09.05.-12.05.2024 continue