Steps of the Path of Energy

If you decide to get to know John Hawken´s Bioenergetics, it is recommended to attend the introductory evening of bioenergetics. In this introductory evening you will be introduced the basics bioenergetic work with the body - both at the theoretical  level (especially work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen), and on a practical self-experiential level, through simple exercises and bioenergetic positions.

To discover bioenergetics into more depth and feel its effects on your body and psyche, you can attend one-off introductory course of bioenergetics, which is residential and usualy lasts 4-5 days.

Those who are interested in a deep on-going process of self-exploration  and self-liberation, can step into the year long Bioenergetic training. During the training, you will go through a process of becoming aware of muscle tension in your body, accepting and understanding your character structure and the gradual release of scars from the past, which will lead to liberation and finding your true energetic nature.

Upcoming events - Bioenergetics:

Year 2021:


Bioenergetic training (Block 1) with Jon G and Sheela

03.11.-07.11.2021 Year Long Training I

Year 2022:

Bioenergetic training (Block 2) with Jon G and Sheela

23.02.-27.02.2022 continue

Bioenergetic training (Block 3) with Jon G and Sheela

04.05.-08.05.2022 continue

Bioenergetic training (Block 4) with Jon G and Sheela - will be confiremd

07.09.-11.09.2022 continue