The Path of Dark Eros

Dark Eros is the transformation of fear and guilt and of anger and blaming. It is the exploration of existential, first-chakra based sexuality. The fundamental question is, is the basis of our life fear or pleasure? Fear is excitement with contraction, as every horror film buff or rollercoaster fan knows, pleasure on the other hand is excitement with relaxation and expansion.

Are we afraid of our power and of being different, experiencing transgression as bad or evil and therefore feeling guilty? Or do we feel existentially safe enough to enjoy anal sexuality, the pleasure of being different, naughty, individual? Is our sexuality based on excitement through tension, flavoured with fear and a sense of the forbidden, or can we relax into the excitement and allow energy to expand throughout our bodies?

Dark Eros enters consciously into an exploration of these existential themes in order to transform power into love, fear into excitement, resistance into surrender, guilt into pleasure, anger into contact and respect, and punishment into an affirmation of individuality. We rediscover lightness, playfulness and innocence and liberate a vast amount of energy that was tied up in the need for control and for moral superiority.

Through allowing ourselves to play consciously with the themes of power over and under, dominance and submission, we free ourselves of the unconscious living out of these themes in our lives. By creating permission for pleasure in these dark themes we reverse the sublimation of sexuality into power and morality and realize that perversion lies not in particular expressions of consenting erotic energy but in the suppression of pleasure and the life force by a society that can control and exploit us better if it controls our desires.


DARK EROS - Intense week with John

30.09.-06.10.2024 Week Workshop II