The Path of Energy - Bioenergetics

How we embody and express our energy makes our psyche and our patterns of reactions to life visible. We hold in our bodies the energy we dared not express when we were vulnerable children, both as a tension in the muscles and as a charge of energy in the organs and connective tissue. This fixed form of expression and defence is called our character. It is our social, adapted self, and blocks and represses our spontaneous flow of life energy, our wildness, including large amounts of our sexuality and creativity.

The energy path, inspired by the work of Wilhelm Reich and the therapy developed by his students, such as bioenergetics and biodynamic psychology and massage, seeks to release old trauma, habits, and unconscious defensive attitudes and to liberate our life energy for aliveness, pleasure, and for self-actualization. It seeks to change the base of our existence from an attitude based on fear and unconsciousness to a mindfulness of our choices and an ability to express ourselves from our heart, our sex and our spirit. It includes an analysis of our own character and patterns, which we respect as a necessity for survival, an understanding of the biographical causes of our stuckness and limitations, and strategies for healing our trauma and our fears, and to find freedom of expression and creativity as an autonomous human being.

The ability to read the energy and character of others and know how to support their energy will be taught, as well as an understanding of energy movements such as contraction and expansion, penetration and enfolding, density and diffusion. As such it is an invaluable training both for oneself and as a professional resource for those working energetically with others.

Upcoming events - Bioenergetics:

Year 2023:


Bioenergetic training with Jon G and Elara (Block 1)

07.09.-10.09.2023 Year Long Training I

Bioenergetic training with Jon G and Elara (Block 2)

02.11.-05.11.2023 continue

Year 2024:


Bioenergetic training with Jon G and Elara (Block 3)

08.02.-11.02.2024 continue

Bioenergetic training with Jon G and Elara (Block 4)

09.05.-12.05.2024 continue