Individuelle Beratung

Neben den Kursen bietet John Hawken auch private Konsultationen an, einzeln oder paarweise.
John gibt auch Tantra für eine Privatperson oder Paare und Psychotherapie, entsprechend seiner Verfügbarkeit und Kapazität.
Wenn Sie interessiert sind, können Sie eine Beratung oder Therapie vereinbaren.




John is available for coaching, counselling, and bodywork sessions designed to resolve issues around total life joy, energetic blocks, orgasmic potential, sexuality, love, and relationships.

For singles and couples:

John has over 30 years of experience in working with individuals and is skilled at bringing his wide experience to bear on particular issues. He is particularly experienced in dealing with issues of guilt or blame, and with communication issues and misunderstandings between couples.

John likes to work until there is a breakthrough. His preferred structure is therefore not an hour’s session every week, but a session of up to 3 hours, giving enough time for a resolution of the issue (you only pay for the time you actually work). The individual sessions are also an opportunity to get to know John if you are considering a training.

For practitioners:

John also offers consultation and supervision, either in person (depending on his current location, usually in Prague or Tantra Centre in Southern Bohemia, CZ) or via Skype, to practitioners including those who work in tantra massage, sacred sexuality or with Dark Eros themes.

Sessions start from 100 EUR per hour.

Please contact Alenka by email at to register your interest.

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