POLAND Level: II - Fortgeschrittene Dark Eros

The act of transgression breaks through the barriers of fear and shame, and that moment of liberation creates a charge of energy on which we can ride to heights of pleasure and ecstatic experience. It also asserts a sense of self as independent of social norms, a sense of individuality
– John Hawken

  • Do you feel a longing for intensity in your se.x.ual experiences?
  • Does guilt or shame overshadow your se.x.ual enjoyment?
  • Do you experience fear or paralysis when a situation turns se.x.ual?
  • Are you curious about TantraSoma and Conscious Kink?
  • Would you love to deepen trust, connection, communication, and erotic creativity in your intimate relationships?
  • Are you hiding your true power because of fear of being judged or rejected?
  • Do you have a habit of expressing your desires only halfway and leaving out the innermost yearnings?
  • Is it difficult for you to take control of your life and be firm in your decisions?
  • Do you find it difficult to give up?

With a strong emphasis on boundaries and consent, Dark Eros offers you a diverse set of tools that allow you to expand your sexuality, be more confident and become more empowered and self-aware being.

What is Dark Eros?

Dark Eros is a tremendously healing medicine Journey developed and mastered over many years by John Hawken. It is a masterfully crafted blend of Tantra, Bioenergetic therapy and shamanic aproach. For the last 6 years Freya and Piotr, have been offering this workshop adding their respective inputs from affective neuroscience in a safe framework of the Wheel of Consent, TantraSoma Bodywork, Process Oriented Psychology, trauma informed approach and Healing Circle medicine.

Dark Eros is the exploration of the hidden, submerged aspects of our self and our sexuality.  It works on a number of dimensions:

  • discovering personal power.
  • facing our fears and finding excitement.
  • finding freedom and healing guilt and shame we tend to carry with us from childhood on.
  • being wild, free and in choice in our decision.
  • playing with dominance and submission.
  • shadow sexuality: our dark, “unacceptable” urges.
  • first chakra raw and primal sexuality of being oneself, as opposed to the sexuality of connecting and merging which is the theme of the second chakra.
  • transgression and anal sexuality
  • sexuality expressed through power: dominance and submission, controlling or surrendering.
  • desire to punish and to be punished, as expressions of self-value and self-worth.
  • exploration of our dark side – the parts that we are unaware of, ashamed of or embarrassed about.
  • healing limiting emotions and believes around our sexuality; fear, judgment, perfectionism, control, resentment, regret, guilt, anger and greed.
  • Discovering and releasing unconscious patterns, so that we may step into our greatest joy and radiance.


Who it is for

First ask yourself the question:

“What aspects of my life am I NOT in choice with?”

This workshop is for you if:

  • you want to deepen trust, connection, communication and erotic creativity in your intimate relationships
  • you dare or desire to be more daring
  • you want to stop being a “nice” and discover your naughtiness
  • you want to find your inner freedom and reclaim your power
  • you have strong sexual urges and fear or are ashamed of acting them out
  • you want to heal guilt, fear or shame around your sexual desires
  • you are caught between judging others and being victim of your inner judge
  • you have any kind of self-destructive or self-sabotaging tendencies
  • you want to experience sexual ecstasy
  • you feel a deep desire to surrender and let the energy flow through you
  • you long to really reach someone energetically
  • you want to transform your hidden darkness and come to a place of light, love, joy and peace
  • you are curious about power games and kinky pleasures and
  • want to spicy up your relationships with conscious BDSM


What you can learn and experience

  • Expand your erotic potential or enjoyment
  • Increase in trust and intimacy in your relationships
  • Taking responsibility for your emotions and actions
  • Engaging in healthy communication 
  • Establishing strong, healthy boundaries
  • Deepening connection through conscious touch
  • Giving and receiving intensity of pain and pleasure with conscious kink and BDSM skills
  • Giving, receiving and holding power
  • Expanding into pleasure of sensitivity
  • Understanding trauma responses and how they show up in you or your play partner
  • Awakening energy using tools such as the flogger
  • Noticing/releasing tensions and holdings in your body
  • Relationship between fear and excitement
  • Transforming fear into pleasure, guilt and shame into excitement*

The Journey includes

  • Accepting and embracing dark impulses and energies and see them with a different consciousness
  • Choosing to be in physical contact rather than psychological distance
  • Calling in the heart energy
  • Choosing pleasure of contact and connection rather than moral pleasures of being right.
  • Choosing contact, pleasure, love and beauty over violence and suffering.
  • And finally the feeling of arriving, of coming home.


During this experiential workshop we will invite you to experience healing power of tantric submission and dominance,  guided group experiences, in-pair exercises, massages and meditations.  There will be movement, kundalini energy activation and releasing contractions and blockages form your body. In some experiences we will be using whips usually associated with pain – this time as tools for raising energy to ectasy.  You will have a chance to experience high energy states as well as the “art of non-doing” when the energy flows in your system taking you beyond.

All of the above in a safe container, respecting your boundaries and consent, all experiences are optional, we give plenty of options for you to explore.  People who have been on our courses before, were amazed at the excitement and slowness, beauty and peace of what we offer. At the same time, you are challenged and given space to feel everything – love and anger, shame, fear, pain, horniness and longings, free to express your feelings raw and honest.  The course suits both curious beginners and experienced practitioners.

So, dare to be wild and naughty. Show up in your power and in your shadow, healing your holding patterns to experience the blissful joy of being yourself.

More about Dark Eros Themes

Dark Eros is a term to describe se✗uality which is connected with our first chakra rather than with the second; se✗uality that arises from existential issues rather than from pure pleasure, love and contact.
These existential themes, whether they are about power (over or under), about anger and revenge, about guilt and shame, or carry issues of self worth and empowerment, colour the se✗ual energy with a touch of darkness. This is because the issues are usually unconscious, or perhaps obsessive, or have an energy that threatens to break out of our conscious control.
This workshop shows how to heal and transform these existential issues through T⍶ntric techniques of releasing and expressing energy, of raising consciousness, creating heartfullness and affirming the life-enhancing nature of pleasure.

Power dyamic
In our relationships we then tend to express power and control by punishing our partner through withdrawal of love. This creates a wounding and a fear which will come back to us, as they will at one point do the same to us. This creates a slowly- widening distance between relationship partners which little by little becomes an unhealable split.

From pain to pleasure
Dark Eros techniques teach us to keep a relationship energetically healthy and loving by transforming anger and hurt through the conscious giving of ourselves in a physical and energetically intense way, which allows the transformation of anger into erotic contact.
We will introduce a practical and theoretical approach to transform these existential issues back into pure pleasure and life energy with powerful healing and liberating effect.

Pleasure in power and punishment?
At first it may seem perverse to take pleasure in power or in punishment. But really the perversion is in the socially accepted morality and punishment in repressed and morally constrained society, that condemns pleasure.
When the pleasure is admitted and allowed, the violence falls away and innocence is regained.

The Forbidden Fruit
Eros isn’t only light. This week invites us to explore se.x.ual expression that is consciously transgressive, and to investigate the particular flavour and juiciness of forbidden fruit.

Dark Eros is a space where you will:

  • Explore your 1st chakra se✕uality – accepting, embracing, and transforming dark impulses and energies
  • Explore the anal phase of se✕ual development: Here I am in the world (which can be frustrated by parental control, either violent or withdrawing).
  • Explore your ability to receive more energy applied to your body
  •  Learn to increase your own energy in order to increase your pleasure potential with more intense forms of contact
  • Release feelings of anger and rage
  • Heal guilt and shame regarding your se✕ual feelings and needs
  • Explore your wildness in safe, playful ways
  • Surrender to the visible flow of ecstatic se✕ual energy through your body


*Both guilt and shame are perverted forms of se✕ual excitement. Our society finds guilt, shame and fear more acceptable than positive pleasures in being alive in a sensual body. Morality, religions and social norms robbed us of our natural innocence and turned it against us in those self-destructive feelings.

Who is it for

  • You are free to join alone, with friends or as a couple
  • This workshop is for everybody, no matter the sex, age, gender.
  • Inclusivity and fluidity are the key.
  • The workshop will be in English and Polish languages
  • This workshop will respect all mandatory health requirements.

DARK EROS with Freya and Piotr in Poland

Datum: 27.11.-03.12.2023
Sprache (Übersetzung): Polish


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