The Art of Tantric Dominance - A Deeper Dive into Dark Eros

NEU! Level: II - Fortgeschrittene Dark Eros
Tantra holds at its core the ultimate truth
Something that can be touched not by words, but with direct experience 
The art of tantric domination lies within leading those who come to you towards aspects of this truth within the microcosm of their own body and awareness
The tantric dom/ina holds all who seek them with such firm loving presence on the outside, that those layers of holding and control built up to protect can finally soften - releasing their energies once more

The longing to submit to something far beyond themselves takes hold

On a deeply visceral level it becomes clear that it is now time

Time to let go… into the freedom and pleasure of total surrender
This training is for anyone with a serious interest in developing the skills, experience and expertise needed to work with tantric domination
The course is designed to follow on from John Hawken’s Dark Eros (a pre-requisite) and provide an overview and deepening of your awareness to the key themes of this work, while supporting you further towards offering such sessions of your own - privately or professionally as you choose
Participants will receive a practical foundation for working with Tantric principles to guide others through the exploration of first chakra existential themes such as power, control, pain, anger, guilt and shame in order to move towards greater pleasure, consciousness and alignment with the Self
Open to all genders and sexual preferences, the training is suited for those already working professionally with conscious sexuality, or for professional dominants who would like to develop more consciousness around their work
It is also of interest for those who are interested in a basis towards developing a career in this field, or who want to explore it as an intense path of practice in their personal relationship(s)
Teaching will have both theoretical and practical components, influenced by:
Tantra, Dark Eros, Shamanism, Bio-energetics, Somatic Experiencing, Sexological Bodywork and Conscious Kink


Danni Lovefox
As a certified teacher of the tantric and dark eros pathways at The Paths of Transformation, as well as a professional tantric dominatrix for many years,
I weave the magic of tantra within a trauma-informed guided journey towards embodied erotic expression,
offering a supportive space to explore yourself and your connection to the universe through the interface that is the body
​Powered by ongoing training in somatics, conscious kink, shadow and trauma work, my teaching brings you lovingly and compassionately towards greater awareness of the many layers that make up your being - as we explore this gateway that lies deep within the present moment, through which you may fly beyond the everyday… to touch something beyond

Freya Wolna & Piotr Reisch
Together Freya and Piotr are conducting transformational trainings for men, women and couples empowering participants in areas of sexuality & relationships and developing human potential. 
Their powerful presence, integrity and loving heart create safe space for transformation and growth.
FREYA is a Sex&Life Coach, International Tantra teacher and a professional trainer with over 18 years of experience, Certified facilitator of OSHO meditations, certified professional Tantra Massage Therapist and Lead facilitator in the Paths Of Transformation Tantra School
She has been teaching the Professional Tantra Massage Trainings for over 6 years, Tantra Women Workshops, and Sacred Sexuality workshops. 
Piotr is a Life Coach. Leadership and Creativity Mentor, HeartMath practitioner and Tantra and Mindfulness trainer. In his practice PIOTR draws from rich experience in leadership, neuroscience, trauma therapy and unity consciousness. He’s been a film producer and after a transformational shift, he has founded Gaia – an ngo for betterment of human life that exploring the edges of consciousness. His passion for discovering the possibilities of the human mind and body led him to Tantra.

The Art of Tantric Dominance - A Deeper Dive into Dark Eros

Datum: 06.11.-12.11.2023
Sprache (Übersetzung): Englisch, Tschechisch
Preis: 550 (Vorauszahlung: 150 €)


Booking this course alongside it’s prerequisite training DARK EROS as held the previous week by JOHN HAWKEN allows a price reduction on the two week Dark Eros experience
Contact Nikky ( for details of paying by bank transfer.

The food, accommodation and transport cost is according to your room choices.


Please see the  Price list of Tantra Centre. It will be payable in cash when you arrive.


Introduction to the Tantric Dom/ina

Overview and deepening of key Dark Eros Elements
Principles and Skills in the Practice of Tantric Domination
Working with Pain and Emotional Charge
Transforming Traumatic Responses
Two further practice modules towards a practitioner certification may be available in 2024 upon interest


DARK EROS - Intensive Woche mit John

30.09.-06.10.2024 II