Celebrating togetherness - couples tantra long weekend

Introductory Workshop Level: I - Beginners Tantric Path

An invitation to celebrate and go deeper in your relationship.

This group is designed for all couples, (both hetero- and homosexual),  who are committed to explore and celebrate their relationship in a tantric way, and for all couples whose base is truth and honesty and who want to pursue this intent on their path together. In this sense this course can be fully recommened also for couples who do not have an experience of tantra, yet. It is suitable for people who have done tantra training  and now a they would like to introduce tantra to their partners. It is also great for couples who have done the tantric training as it contains special structures for couples that we do not do there.



TANTRA - Celebrating togetherness - long tantric weekend for couples


The course starts Friday 7pm, finishes Sunday 2 pm. We organize a lift for you from and back to Prague.

Date of Event: 12.10.-14.10.2018
Language (translation): English, Czech
Price: equivalent of 350 (Deposit: equivalent of 170 €)


To book please send a deposit of £150. 

To pay please contact Jan (info-uk@thepathsoftransformation.com) for details.


The food, accommodation and transport cost is an additional price and will be payable when you arrive.