Alchemy of transformation, New Year's celebration

WAITING LIST One off workshop Level: I - Beginners Tantric Path

Tantra teaches us that we are not fixed in our being. In our essence we are not static, rigid, matter in a material world, but rather a flow of energy. As our essence is energy, we can flow in and out of forms, adopting them to engage with life in a certain way, but not limited by them.

Through consciously building our energy bodies we develop both our flexibility and freedom in the world, and our ability to project our energy through our intent, to manifest our dreams and shape our future. 

We will begin with a fire and water ceremony, releasing the energy of the old year and creating with it our liminal space of transformation. Of alchemy. 

Charging the energy with sound and movement, we will then move into the crispness and spaciousness of the winter air, exploring the forest, the lake, the stone circle - we will take a shamanic journey, guided by our sacred Earth, into our own deepest knowing. From this place we will move into a period of contemplation and enquiry, connecting with our purpose, our longing and our desire. Coming into integration and clarity we will ground our meditation through the creation of a sigil - a sign or symbol committing to our intent. Using touch, sound, fire and water we will each create our own relationship with our sigil, merging with it on the physical and energetic levels. Using breath, movement and sound we will then raise energy through the chakras, allowing the sigil of our intent to be carried up from the ground, through the body and out into the universe, completing the cycle of manifestation and ascension. 

Having released our intentions to the universe at midnight on the 31st we'll party til dawn when we'll jump naked into the lake (optional!) and share New Year's Day brunch by the fire. 

Alchemy of Transformation, New Year's celebration

Date of Event: 28.12.2017-01.01.2018
Language (translation): English, Czech
Price: current exchange rate of 275 (Deposit: current exchange rate of 100 €)


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