Lovemaking - testimonials

„For us as a fresh couple the course was a jump start into our relationship.  We have the feeling to know each other better than other couples do after one year. It enriched our lives in sexual, spirutual and sensual wals and we would recommend Lovemaking to every couple- especialyy freash ones – seeking to bring tantra into thein relationship.“
Anja and Daniel, Dresden


„We would highly recommend this course to all couples. It is the easiest way to go deep in yourself and your relationship.John is an excedent teacher, he knows how to teach you you to move into the energy body and transform everything you knew about sex into the art of lovemaking.


For me it was amazing to find out how i can make love without pain, and for my boyfriend also it was a great experience of making love on a different level.

Our relationship improved a lot, it the way that we have underwood that everything between us is  sacred and we have to treat it as a sacred relationship. Tantra made the diference between simple sex and sacred lovemaking.“
Carmen and Fatih