Lovemaking - Tantric Training for Couples

One-day Workshop Level: 0 - Teaster I - Beginners Tantric Path

Lovemaking: A course for couples consisting of 3 workshops of 5 days each over a one year period, to introduce Tantric techniques into your sex life, to deepen intimacy and increase pleasure, energy and consciousness.

This group is suitable for any couple open to become more conscious and explorative of their sexual potential. It is both for those couples who have done the singles training Sacred Body Passionate Spirit, and who wish to apply their learning directly to their love life, and for those who want to explore tantra as a couple and expand their sexual experience. Minimum requirement: introductory group with John Hawken. The training is in three blocks, and participation on all blocks is necessary.


Date of Event: 21.09.2019
Place of Event: Vienna
Language (translation): German

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Year 2020:

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