An Initiation into You Own Knowing

One off workshop - continue Level: II - Advanced Tantric Path

A year long tantra training for individuals, couples and massage professionals
With John Hawken and Judith Antell

So, how can someone else, or a group, or a training, initiate you into your own knowing? The truth is that Tantra can't teach you anything that you don't already know, in fact, there isn’t anything that you do not already know. It is all in you. All of it. Tantric practice simply reminds us of who we are, and reminds us to be all of it - to live all of it. Or, to put it another way, it reminds us that all of existence lives through us; and that existence can never know itself - in this particular form - unless we live it in the world; unless we live our endless potentiality.

In this year-long initiation we will offer you processes, structures and practices designed to give you experiences of your self and develop your awareness of your own energy. These experiences act as reminders to your body, reminding you of your own knowing. As you begin to remember, to recognise yourself, you will find that these blissful states of being are not confined to the workshops, that you begin to experience everything through this state, that you begin to live in grace, without limitation. This is the tantric way.

Tantra is the path of inclusion . To recognise all parts of yourself, and of yourself in the world. Tantra has no hierarchy, one form is not superior to another, it cannot be, since it is simply a path back to your own individual experience.

This is a journey into a tantric approach to life and tantric sexuality. A journey to liberate consciousness from self-consciousness, to release aliveness from the prisons of shame, guilt and fear. A journey which empowers you in following the authority of your own heart and your inner guidance.
You will learn to really love yourself, your body and your energy; you will learn how to create limitless love, pleasure and joy in your relationships with others. Tantra is a path of healing ourselves from all the patterns that keep us small. So that we can spread our wings and fly.

For 2017-2018 we are very excited to offer a new integrated course which will include 4 core groups as well as dedicated weekends for those wishing to follow individual, partnered or professional (ASIS accredited) paths.

An Initiation into Your Own Knowing - Professional Massage Accreditation Week


Core groups will be residential at Osho Leela, Dorset, UK. All other weekends and the final massage week will be non-residential in London.


For more info, please contact Judith (

or click on the website OSHO LEELA - personal Development Centre

Date of Event: 11.06.-15.06.2018
Language (translation): English


Part of the Cost of a YEAR TRAINING

  • Massage training £2,000 (4 core groups + 3 weekends + 1 professional accreditation week)

Accreditation also subject to 10 hours logged client practice and ongoing supervision.

This week will cover professional practice and ethics, agreements, responsibility, clarity of purpose.
Further exploration of Taoist erotic massage
Six specific massage programmes designed to support a client’s journey from initial curiosity into a full tantric experience.
Earth: expanding pleasure into whole body pleasure, moving from stimulation to sensitivity
(exit massage, cats paw, deep pelvic, body imprints, erogenous zones)
Fire: from physical body pleasure to energy body pleasure
(melting the column, deep tissue, pulsing, heat stroke, balancing stroke, kundalini drumming, lighting fire under water, awakening the sacred body)
Air: breathing to fan the fire and open the heart
(expanding the breath, opening the inner flute, heart flow, breath exchange, heart wave, heart pleasuring)
Water: letting go
(dolphin wave, four-handed massage, blended pleasure
Spirit: the body as your temple
(energy massage, sensual massage, sliding and gliding, chakra wave, yin-yang touch)
Sacred union: entering the ecstatic dreamtime.
(snake dance, riding the wave of bliss, third eye connection)

Tantra Courses:

Year 2017:

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 1)

28.11.-03.12.2017 Year Long Training I

Year 2018:

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 2)

20.02.-25.02.2018 continue I

IN GERMAN ONLY!!! Sacred Body - Passionate Spirit 4/1

18.06.-24.06.2018 Year Long Training I

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 3)

10.07.-15.07.2018 continue I

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 18/1

17.09.-23.09.2018 Year Long Training I

IN GERMAN ONLY!!! Sacred Body - Passionate Spirit 4/2

15.10.-21.10.2018 continue I

Advanced tantra training 2018

14.11.-18.11.2018 Week Workshop II

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 1)

27.11.-02.12.2018 Year Long Training I

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 18/2

03.12.-09.12.2018 continue I

Year 2019:

IN GERMAN ONLY!!! Sacred Body - Passionate Spirit 4/3

11.02.-17.02.2019 continue

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 2)

12.03.-17.03.2019 continue

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 18/3

25.03.-31.03.2019 continue

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 18/4

03.06.-09.06.2019 continue

IN GERMAN ONLY!!! Sacred Body - Passionate Spirit 4/4

10.06.-16.06.2019 continue

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 3)

02.07.-07.07.2019 continue

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 19/1

14.10.-20.10.2019 Year Long Training I

LOVEMAKING - Tantric Training for Couples (Block 1)

12.11.-17.11.2019 Year Long Training I

Sacred body - Passionate Spirit 19/2

02.12.-08.12.2019 continue