What can the tantric path offer me?

  • Enjoy more energy and aliveness

  • Develop the ability to relax, to get out of your head, and be open to experience life in the moment

  • Open your heart to love - of yourself and of your partner

  • Find more sensitivity to touch and to energy

  • Experience lovemaking as an exchange of energy

  • Connect your sex with your heart and your spirit

  • Feel your value and beauty, feel your desirability

  • Experience many ways of enjoying and expressing and sharing sexual energy as well as or instead of genital sex

  • Develop witness consciousness to not have your buttons pressed, but be free of self destructive behaviour

  • Find freedom from addiction and obsessiveness

  • Learn to become more present and focused

  • Learn how to keep a long-term partnership alive and sexy

  • Learn how to prolong lovemaking and choose when and if to ejaculate

  • Be able to surrender to the pleasurable streamings of aliveness and energy through your body

  • Free yourself from self-consciousness and self-criticism and experience life directly and immediately

  • Be free to choose the reality you wish to create and live.


John Hawken