Dark Eros

Week Workshop Level: II - Advanced Path of Dark Eros

"With the term dark eros we invite an exploration of all of our sexual expression that is consciously transgressive, that investigates the particular flavour of forbidden fruit."

Tantra is a traditional way of breaking taboos in the name of personal freedom. The act of crossing the border breaks the barrier of fear and shame, the moment of liberation creating an energy charge, upon which we can rise to heights of pleasure and ecstatic experiences. The experience can awaken in us a stronger sense of independence from social norms, and our sense of individuality.

DARK EROS - Intense week (in German)

Dark Eros is for the participants of the Tantric transformation weekend or the participants/graduates of the tantric training. 

It is possible for new participants to take part after personal consultation with the organisers. If you are interested please get in touch with us.

The course starts at 7pm and finishes on Sunday at 2pm. We organize a lift for you from and back to Prague. It is best is to be in Prague by 5pm on Monday afternoon and to leave Prague on Sunday at 5pm at the earliest.

Date of Event: 04.11.-10.11.2019
Language (translation): German
Price: equivalent of 550 (Deposit: equivalent of 150 €)



To book please send a deposit.

Please contact Jan (info-uk@thepathsoftransformation.com) for details of paying by bank transfer.

The food, accommodation and transport cost is as per Price list of Tantra Centre.

DARK EROS - Intense week (in English) with John

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