Shamanic pilgrimage across Ecuador

NEW! Pilgrimages Level: 0 - Teaster Pilgrimage path

We are expanding our range of pilgrimages to include South America and you are invited to  set off with us to Ecuador. We will be visiting indigenous villages and observing the daily life of the villagers, making a trip to the Amazon jungle with its unique fauna and flora, swimming in the waterfalls, taking an adventure walk in the night forest, travelling though the magic  Andean mountains, misty forests and down to the Pacific coast. We will be  swimming, diving, relaxing. During the pilgrimage you will be invited to take part in shamanic and tantric ritual energy exercises and healing ceremonies. There i also a plan to undergo a ritual with sacred herbs in the jungle, under the guidance of an experienced Indian shaman..

Shamanic pilgrimage across Ecuador

For further information about the pilgrimage contact Láďa Landu email.:, tel.: 00420 605 309 306.

Date of Event: 15.01.-13.02.2015
Language (translation): English, Czech, German
Price: 1000

Practical information: the cost of the group is 1000 euros which includes the facilitation, accommodation and local transport during the course. the price does not include food during the course. Each participant needs to book their own flight. The meeting point is in Quito on January 15 at the airport.

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Shamanic pilgrimage across Ecuador

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