Beltane - celtic spring festival

Cancelled Introductory Workshop Level: I - Beginners Shamanic Path

Beltane is a Celtic fire festival and celebration of spring. Summon the forces of fertility and creativity, blessing both the nature powers of the season, ourselves and our actions. We will work shamanic and tantric techniques, tapping into the creative forces of nature and strengthening our connection with them. we will start with a traditional celebration of the celtic night festival Beltane and then continue the celebration with celtic, shamanic and tantric rituals weather permitting as much as possible outside, in the newly awaken nature.

Beltane - Celtic Spring Festival with John and Jitka


we are staring at 4pm and fininsh after the breakfast

Date of Event: 29.04.-02.05.2021
Language (translation): English, Czech
Price: 140 (Deposit: 50 €)






To book please send a deposit of equivalent of 50 EUR - contact Nikky to find out actual exchange rate, please. 

You can pay via Paypal or contact Nikky (  for details of paying by bank transfer.

There is an additional cost for food, transport and accommodation as per Pricelist.

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Beltane - Celtic Spring Festival with John and Jitka

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