Introductory evening, bioenergetics

Bioenergetics is a self-experiential process in which we become aware of muscular tensions in our bodies. Those tensions create our character; they create the person we become under the influence of our upbringing and the society. They are created on the basis of energies forming the experiences from the past that got imprinted into our body. By bringing awareness to the tension in our muscles, the energy charge or the energy emptiness in our tissues, we can release those imprints together with the emotions and energy charge.

In this introductory evening we are going to introduce the basis of bioenergetics body work – on a theoretical level (the work and approach of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen especially) as well as on a practical level - the level of experiencing. Through simple exercises and with the help of breathing we will have the chance to tune into our body and to start to perceive its energy processes – where the energy is flowing, where there is contraction, stress, relaxation, etc.

Please bring loose clothes.

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