WAITING LIST Week Workshop Level: I - Beginners Tantric Path

BEYOND ORGASM - John Hawken & Andrew Barnes

Date of Event: 28.05.-03.06.2018
Language (translation): English, Czech
Price: 590 (Deposit: 120 €)




A conventional orgasm builds a charge of energy in the sex, contained by tension in the muscles around the genitals, until the charge is so strong that the muscles spasm in the pleasurable discharge of the energy. Afterwards we feel the afterglow, a relaxation which can be in the whole body if we were able to let go into the discharge completely.

Tantric orgasm invites us to relax the genital muscles as we build the excitement, so that discharge does not happen. If we can relax the whole body the excitement spreads, and is experienced as a pleasurable streaming and tingling in all of our being. The energy stays in us and takes us into an expanded state, as tension contracts our energy while relaxation allows it to expand, not only throughout our physical body but beyond it into our energy body. Our energy body is inside the physical body and at the same time extends into the space beyond it, our being embraces the space around us. As we experience ourselves as energy rather than as matter we lose our sense of isolation and can merge and experience oneness with life. As the energy expands, so does our consciousness, taking us into altered states beyond our normal perceptions.

On this intensive retreat we combine the expertise of two experienced facilitators of energy orgasm. We will explore different methods to raise and expand our sexual energy, including energy body massage, extended sexual orgasm technique, the Ecstatic Breath, Dark Eros Surrender and the Cosmic Bridge. We will also give guidance how to use your intent to explore the expanded energy body and to journey into other worlds of consciousness using tantric, shamanic and sex magic techniques.

This group will expand your horizons mentally, emotionally and energetically, and open up a deeply pleasurable and inspiring dimension of your sexuality, your awareness, and your life.

During this retreat we will be exploring Tantric sensual and sexual breath practices, dance, emotional and Tantric body de-armouring, and raising our vibrational frequency through giving and receiving Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm sessions.

In this unique retreat you will have an opportunity to learn how to give and receive these energetic sessions. This course is for practitioners, for individuals, and couples wanting to deepen into there relationships, sexuality, and spiritual lives.

Detoxification as part of experience

During the workshop we will purify the body through specially arranged diet, which will also help to support the processes taking place in our workshop. Diet is: gluten-free (without bread and pasta), vegan (dairy and meat free), sugar free. During the workshop also do not drink coffee, black tea, alcohol or smoke cigarettes. We will eat light, specially formulated meals according to our rules consisting of smoothies and fresh juices, fruits, soups, vegetables, cereal and rice with regard to the products from the list of Superfoods – characterized by high nutritional value and health, such as spirulina, raw cacao, chlorella, macadamia nuts, chia seeds, quinoa…

“If we know sexuality as an intuitive meditation, it transforms into a gateway, opening to a deeper level of energetic experience, and an expansion of consciousness. With this, a knowing of deep love for self and others that transcends personal relations returns, becoming a reunion back to the ultimate source of creation, and a realisation that we are one”. Andrew Barnes 2009.

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