Transformational Tantra Massage in Tulum, Mexico

A chance to learn Transformational Tantra Massage over 10 days in the exotic and magical surroundings of Tulum, on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

We will be staying in a boutique private residence which we will have exclusive use of throughout the training, situated close to the world-famous paradise beach of the Riviera Maya.

The course is suitable for everyone, from absolute beginners who want to learn for themselves or with their partner, to advanced tantrikas looking for some self-nourishment and deepening of their journey. A further certification module is offered for those who want to become Transformational Tantra Massage Practitioners.

We teach the art of transformational tantra massage as an initiation into the ancient path of tantra, shamanism and energetic reality. It is designed for people who want, through tantra massage, to get more in touch with their body, open their body to energy, heal any old disapproval of their bodies and negative feelings like fear or shame and to learn to deeply relax. 

Our tantra massage course blends energetic practices primarily from Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism and Reichian-orientated bioenergetics. We teach and transmit a wide range of tantric and erotic massage, together with an understanding of presence and different kinds of touch, both physical and energetic. 

Tantramassage Seminare:

Jahr 2019:

Tantramassage: professionelles Massagetraining (4. blok)

04.03.-08.03.2019 Einzelkurs