Heiliger Körper - leidenschaftlicher Geist mit Freya

Jahrestraining Level: I - Anfänger


Inviting you to embark on an adventure that will change your life radically: not only your sex life and the quality of your relationships, but that will fundamentally create a new paradigm through which you view the world. It will give you a new sense of self, in which you are a flow of energy and a point of consciousness. Through directing your consciousness, the awareness through which you perceive reality both within and around you, with choice rather than out of habit, you will learn to create or co-create your reality.

This training is a journey into tantric approach to life and tantric sexuality. A journey to liberate consciousness from self-consciousness, to release aliveness from the prison of shame guilt and fear. A journey which empowers you in following the authority of your own heart and your inner guidance. A journey between the worlds of earth and heaven, of body and spirit, of energy and consciousness which shows you your potential for expansion to embrace and include all polarities - a journey beyond duality. A journey to realize your body as your temple and that you are an incarnated sacred being. A journey to heal pain and open yourself to beauty and pleasure. A journey to restore the sacred to the body and passion to the spirit.

During this course you will learn to perceive yourself as an energy being, that has an unlimited energy potential. You will learn that there is only one energy - the energy of our aliveness flowing through us that manifests in our lives on many levels - in our sexuality, our creativity, our ability to love and relate. You will experience that you create your own reality by how and what you place your awareness… your consciousness.

You will learn to really love yourself, your body, your energy. You will be able to much more enjoy and appreciate yourself, others and life generally. Tantra is a path of healing ourselves from all patterns (energetic, mental) that keep us small… So that we can spread our wings and fly…

What will you learn?

  • to let go of old patterns of thought, of behavior, of reactions to what life brings,
  • to respond to life with more spontaneity, lightness and creativity.
  • How to be in choice of who you are in each moment, developing a sense of continuity based on integrity.
  • You will become freer of the shoulds and oughts of society and your conditioning, as your impulses and expressions come more and more from your heart and your spirit.
  • How to develop more courage, aliveness and joy in your being, by not repressing but by facing and integrating your fears and your shadow.
  • How to create your own healthy model of relating based on your own truth, and love
  • How to heal your physical, mental and emotional bodies
  • How to dearmour your body and your sexuality
  • How to hounour the sacredness of yourself, your sex and your beloved

For whom is the training for?

We are inviting singles and couples, ready to radical change your life for the better. If you are seriously interested in tantra as a path of self-discovery and personal transformation this training is for you.

No tantric experience is necessary. People who already know Tantra, this may be totally new experience.

The training consists of 4 blocks (6 days-long meetings Mon evening - Sun afternoon). The group becomes a closed group from the second meeting on so that atmosphere of mutual trust and support is created. To graduate from the training you must do all 4 blocks.

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 20/1 mit John, Honza und Jitka



Block 1... 27.7. - 2. 8. 2020 - teaching John, Jan Komeda and Jitka Čulíková

Block 2... 2. - 8. 11. 2020 - teaching Jan Komeda and Jitka Čulíková

Block 3... 1. - 7. 3. 2021 - teaching Jan Komeda and Jitka Čulíková

Block 4... 17. - 23. 5. 2021- teaching John, Jan Komeda and Jitka Čulíková

Each Block starts at 7pm and finishes on Sunday at 2pm.

In order to participate on the training we recommend to take part in the introductory weekend Taste of Tantra or any other introductory group with John.


Datum: 27.07.-02.08.2020
Sprache (Übersetzung): Englisch, Tschechisch
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