Neu Level: II - Fortgeschrittene

John Hawken will be offering this training starting in September 2018. His aim is to create a team of teachers who continue his work as he slowly reduces his own teaching time and focuses more on writing and enjoying the other aspects of life. 


The goal is to have teachers who deeply understand what they are teaching, both experientially, psychologically and philosophically. the approach is:


  • to be able to combine the teachings of the different paths, i.e. tantra, shamanism, energetic bodywork and dark eros.
  • to be able to explain clearly and with a demystifying intent why we do what we do.
  • To facilitate in a client-centred way, guiding people to have their own experiences of their truth and be in choice, rather than telling them what to do or not to do.
  • to teach the transformation achievable when energy and consciousness are brought together.


Requirements for the teachers training:


Completion of John’s tantra training Sacred Body Passionate Spirit or equivalent plus Dark Eros intensive plus one other training from Lovemaking, Medicine Path, Bioenergetics or Tantra Massage.


You will be taught the Tantric Path introductory evening and Taste of Tantra weekend in the first block, and encouraged to teach these programmes with a co-trainee with supervision. These groups will be promoted on the Paths of Transformation website. The location of these groups will be decided with John and the other trainees. So you will immediately have the opportunity to earn money. Assessment of your readiness to teach will be a mixture of self assessment, peer assessment, and assessment from John.


As the training proceeds you will be taught to run a shamanic intro evening and a bioenergetic intro evening, as well as a tantra massage intro evening. In the second year you will be taught to teach the programme of the Shamanic Wheel of Sexuality. 


You will also be trained in working with sexuality and energy to be able to run individual and couples sessions.


The training content will be reviewed in the group to see what the trainees need to learn, and the content modified or added to accordingly. 



Datum: 10.09.-16.09.2018
Sprache (Übersetzung): Englisch, Tschechisch
Preis: 8800 (Vorauszahlung: 2200 €)


Cycle 1: 

10. -16. September 2018

Leading the introductory evening to the Tantric Path

Teaching A Taste of Tantra

In these ten days you will learn how to present the programme for the basic introductory evening and weekend. Trainees will take turns leading the structures, with emphasis on an understanding of the purpose of each structure and how the exercises create an experience of the man principles of tantra.

Cycle 2:

18.– 24. March 2019 

Working with energy and sexual energy

Fundamentals of bioenergetics and energy therapy. Understanding the sexual stages of development and reading the body to recognise where energy is being held. Allowing and encouraging aliveness to stream through the body, key release points, kinds of resistance, control v relaxation.

Cycle 3:

Holding ritual space

What is a ritual? How to hold space for a ceremony or a meditation. Using your energy body when teaching. Developing your voice. Calling the powers and creating sacred space. Presence, focus and centredness. 

Cycle 4:

Working with energy 2

Energy orgasm and the link between energy and conscious. Reichian character types and understanding energy and character. De-armouring. Breath work. Working with individuals alone and in the group.

Cycle 5:

Teaching the workshop The Shamanic Wheel of Sexuality

A second programme of basic exercises to teach a solid foundation for experiencing and understanding tantra.

Cycle 6:

Working with energy 3

Relationships and couples. Energetic cleaning and letting go. Projection and counter-projection. Understanding how to work with chakras. The tantric paradigm of relationship. Practice, practice, supervision, practice.

Dates to be announced for the cycles, but they are planned to take place over a period of 2 years. The training is to take place in the Tantra Centre, 80km south of Prague, Czech Republic.



The 40 days of training cost 8,800 EUR. Food and accommodation is subject to the current Price list of the Tantra Centrum.

Deposit 2,200 EUR on booking, further instalments of 2,200 EUR at the beginning of blocks 1.,3. and 5.

There will be additional optional training segments, for example in working with teenagers and Sex and Relationship Education, teaching bioenergetics, tantra massage, teaching shamanism as required, as wished for and agreed with the group according to individual specialisation. 

To begin to teach one of the trainings you need to first assist on the training at no cost to yourself, then agree with John a team and a location for the training that you will co-present. The idea is to expand and spread the work, also to co-create new trainings, especially based on the interface between the Paths.  

Tantra Seminare:

LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (2. Block)

20.02.-25.02.2018 continue I

Einführungswochenende Taste of tantra

16.03.-18.03.2018 Wochenendkurs I

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 17/3

19.03.-25.03.2018 continue I II

Schnupperabend in Wien

05.04.2018 Einführungsabend

Die Wege der Transformation in Wien

06.04.-08.04.2018 Wochenendkurs

Tantrisches Jahrestraining in dt. Sprache "Heiliger Körper - Leidenschaftlicher Geist" 3/5

09.04.-15.04.2018 continue I

BEYOND ORGASM - John Hawken & Andrew Barnes

28.05.-03.06.2018 I

Tantrisches Jahrestraining in dt. Sprache "Heiliger Körper - Leidenschaftlicher Geist" 4/1

18.06.-24.06.2018 Jahrestraining I

LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (3. Block)

10.07.-15.07.2018 continue I

Einführungswochenende Taste of tantra

03.08.-05.08.2018 0 I

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 17/4

06.08.-12.08.2018 continue


10.09.-16.09.2018 II

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 18/1

17.09.-23.09.2018 Jahrestraining I

TANTRA - Eine Feier der Zweisamkeit - Paarwochenende

12.10.-14.10.2018 I

Tantrisches Jahrestraining in dt. Sprache "Heiliger Körper - Leidenschaftlicher Geist" 4/2

15.10.-21.10.2018 continue I

Fortgeschrittenen Training 2018

14.11.-18.11.2018 II

LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (1. Block)

27.11.-02.12.2018 Jahrestraining I

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 18/2

03.12.-09.12.2018 continue I

Jahr 2019:


18.03.-24.03.2019 continue II