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John Hawken's 2 year course Transformation Training weaving all paths that he has been teaching in last 30 years.


transforming our lives through energy and consciousness.

This training with John Hawken weaves together the key realisations, experiential structures and rituals from the various Paths of Transformation - tantra, shamanism, bioenergetics, massage and dark eros - into one cohesive system for transforming yourself and your life from now on. The art of transformation is not one moment of change, but a continuing path which embraces change and allows us to go deeper and deeper into our potential and our soul purpose.

From bioenergetics and Reichian and tantric massage we learn techniques to release our life energy from the defensive holding patterns of armouring and disassociation so it can be available for spontaneous and individual responses to life, healing the trauma that created our defensive and reactive character.

From tantra we take the techniques for being in the heart and celebrating what is, for deep relationships based on love and sexual energy, to experience ourselves as embodiments of the divine. Our behaviour becomes meaningful and sacred, and we can surrender to the flow of life. As we develop our energy body we can experience directly the mysteries of life.

From dark eros we are inspired to heal the guilt, fear and shame that makes us ask what we should and shouldn't do instead of letting our spirit guide us. We learn to follow our own heart with awareness and be consciously transgressive to become autonomous. We can shift from needing approval from others to feel self worth, to letting disapproval and punishment increase our energy and affirm our individuality.

From shamanism we learn to polish our intent, to receive mirrors from others, to stay connected to the circle of life around us. We learn to experience our energy body, cultivate our medicine, follow the laws of attraction, and practise the art of magic and manifestation. As we expand our awareness of energy we learn to use these perceptions for giving healing and being guardians and celebrants of the planet.

These rich traditions confirm and amplify each other, so you can deepen your practical understanding of co-creating with energy, consciousness and transformation.There will not be blocks of tantra, or shamanism, or massage, but the different paths will be woven together thematically into a rich fabric of life energy manifesting through consciousness into form.

No previous experience is necessary but you are required to come on an introductory weekend or have a paid 30 minute session with John face to face or on Skype to make sure you and the course are suited to each other. Places are limited to 36. You are required to commit to the eight sessions over two years.

This is a serious opportunity for intense self development and one of the last chances to work personally with a teacher focused on passing on his forty years of experience with transformation.


Transformations Training Block 3



Datum: 15.03.-21.03.2021
Sprache (Übersetzung): Englisch, Tschechisch





BLOK 1> 21. 09. - 27. 09. 2020

BLOK 2> 7. 12. - 13. 12. 2020

BLOK 3> 15. - 21. 3. 2021

BLOK 4> 21. - 27. 6. 2021

BLOK 5> 20. - 26. 09. 2021

BLOK 6> 

BLOK 7> 


Tantra Seminare:

Jahr 2018:


LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (1. Block)

27.11.-02.12.2018 Jahrestraining I

Jahr 2019:

LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (2. Block)

12.03.-17.03.2019 continue

LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (3. Block)

02.07.-07.07.2019 continue

La voie Tantrique - The tantric path auf Französisch

30.07.-04.08.2019 Einzelkurs I

Tantra Schnupperabend in Wien

19.09.2019 Einführungsabend 0 I

LOVEMAKING - Tantra für Paare in Deutsch, Kennenlerntag

21.09.2019 Ein-Tages-Workshop 0 I

23.09.2019 Einführungsabend 0
Spaces for Women only

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 19/1

14.10.-20.10.2019 Jahrestraining I

01.11.2019 Einführungsabend 0 I

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 19/2

02.12.-08.12.2019 Jahrestraining

Jahr 2020:


Introductory Tantra Evening

10.01.2020 Einführungsabend I

Tantrische Transformation - Einführungswochenende

24.01.-26.01.2020 Wochenendkurs 0

Shamanic Wheel of Sexuality

07.02.-09.02.2020 Wochenendkurs 0 I

LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (1. Block)

03.03.-08.03.2020 Jahrestraining I

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 20/1 mit John, Honza und Jitka

27.07.-02.08.2020 Jahrestraining I

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 19/3 mit John und Jitka

24.08.-30.08.2020 continue

LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (2. Block) mit John, Jon P und Rose

15.09.-20.09.2020 continue II


21.09.-27.09.2020 2 Years Training

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 19/4 mit John und Jitka

28.09.-04.10.2020 continue

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 20/2

02.11.-08.11.2020 continue

LOVEMAKING - Tantra Training für Paare (3. Block) mit John, Jon P und Rose

17.11.-22.11.2020 continue

Eine Feier der Zweisamkeit mit John und Katka

04.12.-06.12.2020 Wochenendkurs 0 I


07.12.-13.12.2020 continue

SEX MAGIC with the sex magic transformation team

28.12.2020-03.01.2021 0

Jahr 2021:


Eine Feier der Zweisamkeit mit John und Katka

12.02.-14.02.2021 Wochenendkurs I

Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 20/3 mit John, Honza und Jitka

01.03.-07.03.2021 continue

Transformations Training Block 3

15.03.-21.03.2021 continue

DARK EROS - Intensive Woche (auf Englisch) mit John


Heiliger Körper-Leidenschaftlicher Geist 20/4 mit John, Honza und Jitka

24.05.-30.05.2021 continue

Transformations Training Block 5

20.09.-26.09.2021 continue